By sharing the story of how they created their dream the authors hope to inspire others who want to make their own homes more alive and in tune with a feeling of unity and a sense of place.


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317 pages, 2 gatefolds, 10.5 x 10.5 inches Jacketed hardcover
508 color images and diagrams
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The publication of The Spiral House
takes you inside a unique and inspiring home
that is rarely open to the public.

Like the house, the book can be experienced on many levels. The photos and captions provide a tour by owners and creators, Patty Livingston and her husband, artist Tom Gottsleben. The narrative tells the story of how they came to create the house, beginning with their beloved Airedale Rafferty and ending with a tale of how two figurative dragons revealed harmonies in the house that they didn’t know existed when they designed it. Throughout the book, you can dip in and out of detailed information wherever your interest leads you: using the patterns and proportions found in nature; how the bluestone on their property was formed and its many uses in the house, gardens, and landscaping walls; the process of designing, engineering, and building a house that is based on sacred geometry; and the details that make it a comfortable and joyful place to live.


“Carved from bluestone and immersed in light, the Spiral House is a powerful example of sacred architecture. Seeing and being in it mirrors the ascendance of our own essence. Both the house and the book take you on an inspiring journey up to the sky.”

— A.T. Mann, author of Sacred Architecture and Sacred Landscapes: The Threshold Between Worlds

“The Spiral House is a fresh and detailed look at how art and architecture can lead us to experience the sacred. Like the house at the heart of the story, the book is stunningly beautiful and inspiring.”

— Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega Institute, and author of Marrow and the New York Times best-selling Broken Open

“T here’s a place where, as the Beatles once had it, 'Your outside is in and your inside is out.' This place actually exists. It isn’t a metaphor, but a physical reality.”

Jeremiah Horrigan in Explore Hudson Valley

. . . beautifully designed four-color spreads . . . luscious exterior and interior photos . . . filled with inspirational quotes and illuminating stories about the love of land, color, light, history, and meaning behind building a special house like this.”

Hudson Valley Magazine

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